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Create your collection online. Hobby virtual is the first community where you can share you collection or your gallery with other collectors as you. If you are a collector of stamps, coin, doll, Barbie, wine, comic strip, cd, dvd, toys, movie, book, plate, software, photos... You can show your collection and know other collectors from all the world with the same passion. Using the innovative software collecting program flin4cell you can create your online collection with only few clicks and show your gallery. If you aren't very expert, don't worry: this software is very easy to use and manage. You can use this software else offline to archive and manage all your collections in easy way. And it is perfect for every collection items: dolls, stamps, books, movies, photos... With hobbyvirtual.com you can exit from your home and you can participate to the community online where you are free to insert your collection and to discover interesting and onlooker gallery. What are you waiting for? Put now online your catalogue and offer everybody the opportunity to get in touch with other fan collections for selling and buying or changing your missing pieces to complete your collection. Hobby virtual is the innovative collectors site where you can find new friends a talk with them about your interests and your collection.

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     Latest Inserted Users
User Date Collection  
Maria Luisa 05/06/2017  
LUCAALUNNI 12/05/2017  
Basso 29/04/2017 SanLeonardo
autocentrotorvergata 19/04/2017  
torvergata 27/03/2017  
     Last Updated Collections
User Date Collection  
Basso 29/04/2017 SanLeonardo
GuidoS 11/01/2012 CARTACEI
Paolo Rigatti 01/06/2011 FRANCOBOLLI
don miguel 22/02/2011 dolci
GuidoS 11/02/2010 PESCA
GuidoS 11/02/2010 ACCENDINI
GuidoS 11/02/2010 OGGETTISTICA
GuidoS 16/10/2009 COLTELLINI
GuidoS 01/08/2009 CARTOLINE
Gaetano 28/10/2007 CD
Gaetano 23/10/2007 DVD
Mirko 07/04/2007 KINDER
mukaka 01/04/2007 LOGHI
the Joker74 30/01/2007 VIDEOGIOCHI